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Daily Inspiration – Sagittarius New Moon Ritual and Solar Eclipse~


December 14th 2020, NEW MOON in Sagittarius and a Solar Eclipse,

As a practitioner of Witch Craft and a pretty typical Cancerian, Astrology has been a natural interest of mine for many years. Zodiac signs, natal charts, planetary alignment have always fascinated me. However I found it a bit daunting to learn. Recently, I attended an event that shifted my thinking and compelled me to learn more and to incorporate Astrology in my own work.

It was facilitated by two amazing Goddesses that I have the honour to know – check them out because they are divine – Sandy Mulroy of Solar Powered Health and Terra Longacre of Heart2Heart Journey! Their event was a combo reading of our Natal Charts, in detail and channeled messages, called “Written in the Stars”. It was profound. I discovered, I am a Sagittarius Rising, Sun sign Cancer and Moon in Aries. I will make another post about what that means and answers questions about your Natal charts and you can join me in my Cosmic Consciousness.

This has lead me on a new path of understanding more layers to a phrase I live by; As Above, So Below. Which is exactly what I am excited to share this New Moon Ritual with you! Working with the Lunar cycles, is an excellent way of navigating through life and making the moon’s energy work in your favour. Every phase of the Moon is powerful in it’s own right but New and Full Moons are a great way to start harnessing the energy that comes along with them. New Moons and the Law of Attraction make excellent partners!

This particular New Moon is very cool because not only is it a New Moon in Sagittarius, but also a Solar Eclipse. You may find that this week and last, there has been a lot of energy to contend with and your emotions may have seemed to be yo-yoing a bit and you are feeling ungrounded, angry, anxious, don’t worry – you are not Alone.  The combination of the New Moon (new beginnings, planting seeds, manifesting wishes ) and a Solar Eclipse is like a New Moon on Steroids! The energy is intense. Work with it not against it.

Eclipses, both solar and Lunar, were the earliest tools in Forecasting Astrology. The ancients understood how impactful they were on the transformation of the planet Earth. They always signify and ending which of course brings about a beginning. For a Solar Eclipse to occur on a New Moon it means the Sun and Moon are in opposition but perfectly aligned. Signifying that events are about to change significantly. Perfect Celestial Balance. While it may not feel that perfect on Earth, change is needed. I think we are all ready for some major change. While there is much cosmic energy though swirling about, a Solar Eclipse is also a time for inward reflection and a portal for change. Recognizing our need to see with our eyes closed. Meditation is a very important tool for everyone over the next couple of weeks ( well always but especially now).


This energy and the New Moon in Sagittarius is the perfect time for a meditation and ritual. Here is a ritual that may help you!

New Moon in Sag, is all about Wandering, Higher Learning, Fun and Laughter, Gratitude.

For this “It’s going to be Ok”  Ritual you will need;

A quiet and comfortable space

A pen and paper


Meditative, Healing music

Your favourite picture YOU, Laughing, Smiling in a general state of joy (digital is fine too) for example;




Sagittarius is the sign that knows, things will always get better. Which is exactly the energy we all need right now.


To begin Light your Candle and clear your space as you normally would.

You will begin with a Breathing Meditation. With each breath – breathe out old and stagnant energy- Breathe deeply. Visualize your breath going all the way to the ground and back up your body and  then with your exhale out your mouth – Breathe out any thought or feeling that is no longer serving you. Breathe out every anxious thought. On your inhale, Breathe in – Peace and Calm, White  Light, Yellow Light, Pink Light, Breathe in- Peace, Calm, Joy, Gratitude, Fun, Hope and anything else you feel will feed your soul.

Repeat this breathwork with an inhale to the count of 6- hold for 4 and Exhale for 8. Repeat for at least 10 minutes to really clear your energy field and open your chakras. You can alternatively search for your own Guided Meditation online.

Once you are ready take out your picture- Focus on your picture and FEEL the Joy you see. Remember the state of Joy you were in then and FEEL it now. Remind yourself that everything passes good or bad, so cherish the good and move on from the bad. Cherish the BLESSING LEARN FROM THE LESSON. Continue to scry into your photo until you enter a meditative state again. Please keep your pen and paper handy to write down any downloads or images you receive in your meditative state.

When you are ready, write down your desires or wishes on your paper.  It is important when manifesting to really feel the vibration that wish would bring you.  Write down as many wishes as you like, and when you are done – take your paper and burn it (safely), as the paper burns, imagine your wishes coming true.

Finish your ritual with a list of Gratitude, which you can burn or keep.

As with any ritual, please personalize it as you wish! If you enjoy working with the Moon, I highly recommend getting the book “Moonology” by Yasmine Boland! You can find it on my online store, as well as the corresponding Oracle cards.

Merry Part and Many Blessings for this Holiday Season




Card of the Day July 14th 2020

Card of the Day July 14th 2020, Waning Crescent Moon in Taurus 31.6%

This gorgeous card comes from one of my favourite decks for art work – “The Tarot Illuminati”.

Today’s card is the 8 of cups, and we see a figure who is seemingly on a journey. Though the card shows a difficult landscape to navigate, the seeker has the light of the Moon to guide them. The seeker is on a spiritual journey, finding their way through a series of hills and valleys in light and shadows.

It is important to remember that no matter how difficult the journey to enlightenment may be, it is a necessary one. When we seek for further truths and question the beliefs we have acquired over time, we progress in the journey of life. We must let go of the past and move towards our quest for inner truth and acceptance. If you feel you are being called into a spiritual path, follow the call, it is meant for you.

“Do you hear it? It is the call to walk the unknowns, tread the roads that only open before you when you step into the other world, to walk the Gateway of the Moon. I am on a love walk, a spirit walk, a walk to self.”


Walk with me

<3 Samantha

Card of the Day July 8th 2020

Card of the Day July 8th 2020, Waning Moon 87.1% in Aquarius

Today’s card comes from a brand new and absolutely magickal deck by Tess Whitehurst called “The Cosmic Dancer’s Oracle”. As usual with all of Tess’ creations this deck radiates magick!

Make mistakes is an excellent message for all of us, and it resonates deeply with me. As we get older, I find we get less inclined to fail.  In fact we avoid making mistakes pretty carefully. However the beauty in making mistakes is that is opens up many lessons and opportunities for us to learn from.  I love the analogy of working out; when building muscle, you have to break the muscle first which builds resiliency. Our selves are no different. Perfection is not real and we cannot hold ourselves to that standard. Have fun, be silly, make a fool of yourself! I promise you will be better for it!

” A path of abundant “failure” precedes every path of abundant success. If you are not willing to look silly, unpolished, or unpracticed, you will never achieve mastery in any skill, practice or area of life… Each time you make a mistake, you have the opportunity to dust yourself off, re calibrate and reassess the situation. This sacred act of soul polishing assists you on your way toward your most lustrous and full integrated self.”

<3 Always mistaking mistakes and loving it


Card of the Day July 7th 2020

Card of the Day July 7th 2020,Waning Moon in Aquarius 92.3

Today’s whimisical card comes from a deck by one of my favourite Witches of all time – Lucy Cavendish’s “Alice in Wonderland Oracle”.

Alice brings us a message of self acceptance. “You are rare and true” she tell us.  How often do we feel down on ourselves for being different? Do you celebrate all that makes you unique or wish you were someone or something else? We live in a world where that is just adjusting to everyone’s uniqueness but even though the world is accepting it more, there is much work to be done internally. Accept yourself for the divine being you are. Every human on the planet has their own unique contribution to the world, celebrate that yours is rare, one of a kind.

“Embrace your own rare qualities. Don’t try to fit in, you’ll be so frustrated and quietly unhappy. Be brave! By being your own wildflowerly self, you” inspire others- to be utterly themselves too!.. You must learn to embrace all that makes you different, and become the very best you can possibly be. You will never be defined, so refuse to comply. Explore the frontiers of the human spirit and know how precious and rare you are”.


We are the weirdos and let’s celebrate that!



Card of the Day July 6th 2020

Card of the Month Waning Gibbous Moon in Aquarius 97%

This magical card comes from the deck “Enchanted Map Oracle” by Collette Baron -Reid, one of my favourite decks!

Today’s card could not be more poignant to the theme of most of the cards I have pulled this month! METAMORPHOSIS! There is definitely change in the air! Just as the last few cards that are encouraging our evolution, this message is no different. This is a transformational time for all us, and while that may not be comfortable it is needed. We are being put through many trials in this human experience we all share. This card reminds us to accept the changes that are coming with divinity, love and grace. Surrender to the changes for that is how our humanity survives – by evolving.

“You are in the process of deep change and beautiful change… Butterflies earn their wings through great effort. The process of change is often painful, for it is not without loses and sacrifices. If you are to transform from one form to another, a part of you needs to die.  Letting go isn’t easy, especially when you’re used to thinking a certain way about your life and how you live it.,, Perhaps you’re being asked to let of low self worth, a draining relationship, or unhealthy habits. Despite your fear, you must accept that this is a transformational time for you… You’ll love what you become.”



Card of the Day July 5th 2020

Card of the Day July 5th 2020, Waning Gibbous Moon in Capricorn 99.6%

This divine card comes from one of my favourite oracle decks called, “Universal Wisdom Oracle”, which can be found here.

Today’s card is vibrating with Goddess energy! Aradia was a controversial figure in 14th century Italy. She was known as “The Holy Witch, due to her love and kindness for all humanity and Nature. She lived a life of inspiration and defied those who dared to threaten her and continued to practice sacred and ancient rituals based on Love and a respect for Nature. She comes to us today to remind us to question our belief systems.

Evaluate the belief structures that you have been carrying for so long, be it earthly, spiritual or both. Examine the beliefs and that may no longer serve and may even be holding you back from living your true potential. This Full Moon brings and energy of releasing deep rooted thoughts and emotions that are no longer working for our alignment. Do not get comfortable in discomfort! What is stopping you from experiencing joy?

” It is time to let go of all that no longer serves or supports you. Let go of all beliefs that stem from fear and replace them with love – for love is an endless source of creative power…. Explore and observe and keep and open mind. Broaden your horizons. You will find that life is rich and colorful tapestry made of endless truths and viewpoints, and full of tantalizing flavours”.

<3 Samantha


Card of the Day July 4th 2020

Card of the Day July 4th Full Moon in Capricorn~ See my post on my Full Moon Ritual!

Today’s card comes from a beautiful deck called “Earth’s Wisdom Oracle”, and can be found here. This inviting card calls us to the Light of the Divine. One aspect of this deck I adore is the earthly symbolism throughout. In the picture we see someone being beckoned into the Light from a somewhat shadowy place and we see a field of St John’s Wort, a common herb used in Witchcraft and traditional healing. St John’s Wort is used for alleviating depression and anxiety, helping with shock and PTSD and uplifting moods. The Sunstone we see on the card contains the cleansing and healing power of the Sun.

This card comes to you today to check in, “Are you doing OK”?. We all face our own personal struggles as well for us empaths, the struggles of those around us. There is a lot of hopelessness, fear and desperation in the air air around us. The light of the Divine is shining stronger than ever to help lead us all out of the darkness. Embrace the light and let is power your own light source to bring more light and healing to the world.

“My inner Divine light wants to shine in the world. I give my light energy and brilliance by connecting with the greater Divine energy that nourishes all of life”.

<3 Love and Light to all


Card of the Day July 3rd 2020

Card of the Day July 3rd 2020, Waxing Gibbous Moon in Sagittarius 97%

Today’s card comes from one of my oldest decks that has an incredible energy and love to it, it is the Psychic Tarot and can be found in my store.

The Sacral Chakra is the point about two fingers below your naval and it is the realm of FEELINGS. A perfect reminder while we are moving into the sign of Cancer this month- I FEEL, is the bond between these two.

The Sacral Chakra is associated with the following psychological and behavioral functions:

Emotions, feelings

Relationships, relating

Expression of sexuality, sensual pleasure

Feeling the outer and inner worlds




Spirit is very strongly wanting me to remind everyone reading this how much you deserve healthy and satisfying ways of experiencing these emotions. Feelings and emotions can be the most complicated part of the human experience but this card reminds us that it doesn’t have to be. Open up that 2nd Chakra but reckless abandon. Let your creative juices flow and do not let Ego stop you! This card also represents our relationships and our human connections. If you are feeling out of alignment with some of your relationships it may be time for some serious Chakra work.  Any discomfort in this region of your body means it is time for Chakra work!
Here is a great and quick meditation I like to use for Chakra balancing and there are many others that are more in depth. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!
Namaste <3

Card of the Day July 2nd 2020

Card of the Day July 2nd 2020, Waxing Moon in Sagittarius

Today’s stunning card comes from my most recent and loved deck, “Dreams of Gaia Tarot”, which you can find on my online shop!

The message for today comes from the Ten of Air. In the card we see a very ethereal, divine scene. This card is asking you to challenge the beliefs you have been holding on to for so long. Challenge the institutions that dictate our society.

Most importantly, challenge yourself. Evaluate your relationship with yourself and the Divine.  This is a time of transition and it is imperative we release all those negative thoughts and emotions that no longer serve us.

Then we can make room for our intuitive abilities to flourish. When we release anger or resentment from our hearts, we make room for love. Are you holding on to thoughts or feelings that cause discomfort, anxiety, pain?

With so much uncertainty in the world, it is the time to get control of our own personal worlds. Learn and accept yourself but continue working on evolving. The Ten of Air asks us to take the seat of the observer and challenge all that we know. Release what is no longer serving you and nourish the thoughts that are in alignment with your higher self.

Exercise that third eye and free yourself from the confining norms of society. We are all uniquely gifted and talented. Now is the time for all of those with intuitive abilities to nurture our gifts and align to our divine self.

You are worthy.



July 1st – Happy Canada Day and Card of the Day Returns!

July 1st 2020 Card of the Day Returns! Moon in Sagittarius 88.9%

HAPPY CANADA DAY! Please take a moment to sit in gratitude for this wonderful country of Canada we live in! It may not be perfect but it’s pretty close. I love my homeland and could not be more proud or grateful to be a Canadian!

Hello friends! Sorry I have been away! Life gets a little crazy sometimes in my world and time becomes even more of an illusion! But here I am back for Card of the Day and nope I am not perfect and nope I cannot do everything perfectly and yes sometimes I do not achieve the goals I have set out. However- Everyday is a new chance to evolve and everyday is a new reset, so no need to dwell on past mistakes but take the right actions moving forward!

The card I pulled today was actually during a self read I was doing and it was to beautiful and poignant I had to share it as I feel the collective can benefit from this amazing card. The 9th House in  Astrology is the house position for Sagittarius and is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of openness and expansion. This amazing card is from the deck “Black Moon Astrology”

“Obstacles are being lifted….This card indicates you are about to depart on an important journey. It may be an outward voyage, it may be an inward excursion. Either way, you will be changed”


Many of you may be feeling change, evolution or even revolution is in the air. You  may be feeling it very strongly within, you are not wrong. The time for change is now and trust and keep faith that the Divine is guiding and protecting you. Question your beliefs or dogmas and dissect what is no longer serving to make way for new knowledge and wisdom. If you feel on the precipice of a spiritual level up –

The Time is Now.

<3 Always leveling up or at least trying too