Healing Services

Using my intuitive abilities and a strong connection to the Divine, I provide the following services;

Tarot Card Readings – Tarot is one of my favorite and most complicated forms of divination. Connecting through energy and rooted through the divine feminine, I will read and interpret the cards chosen for you, providing divine messages to help inspire, heal and transform.

Oracle Card Readings- Another beautiful form of receiving messages from the divine, Oracle is a great start for those just looking for some uplifting messages and affirmations on a high level. Often used in combination with Tarot.

Dream Interpretation- Dreams and their meanings have been a passion of mine my whole life. Dreaming is a great way to connect to one’s higher self and often can offer invaluable insight into one’s life.

Intuitive Guidance- Using a personalized combination of intuition and divination tools, I will offer you reminders and messages from your Spirit team.

Spell Workings – A service offered for those looking to practice different forms of manifestation. Please note, I cannot do the work for you but teach you how to. I do not cast spells for clients only consult.

Energy Rejuvenation- Using a variety of divination tools, I will help cleanse your energy and keep your vibrational levels high.

General Support- Because maybe you just need someone to talk to. Don’t we all sometimes?



All other services will be specialized pricing.


If you would like to book any of these services please contact Samantha OR Head to my Schedule page and book your own session!