Card of the Day July 4th Full Moon in Capricorn~ See my post on my Full Moon Ritual!

Today’s card comes from a beautiful deck called “Earth’s Wisdom Oracle”, and can be found here. This inviting card calls us to the Light of the Divine. One aspect of this deck I adore is the earthly symbolism throughout. In the picture we see someone being beckoned into the Light from a somewhat shadowy place and we see a field of St John’s Wort, a common herb used in Witchcraft and traditional healing. St John’s Wort is used for alleviating depression and anxiety, helping with shock and PTSD and uplifting moods. The Sunstone we see on the card contains the cleansing and healing power of the Sun.

This card comes to you today to check in, “Are you doing OK”?. We all face our own personal struggles as well for us empaths, the struggles of those around us. There is a lot of hopelessness, fear and desperation in the air air around us. The light of the Divine is shining stronger than ever to help lead us all out of the darkness. Embrace the light and let is power your own light source to bring more light and healing to the world.

“My inner Divine light wants to shine in the world. I give my light energy and brilliance by connecting with the greater Divine energy that nourishes all of life”.

<3 Love and Light to all