Are you a Witch?

If you have ever wondered if you are  a Witch well then you are but in case you need a little further proof, here are some traits you may resonate with;

  1. You have always felt a little different from most people.
  2. You feel a deep connection and synchronicity with Nature.
  3. You have a special relationship with animals.
  4. You are highly intuitive.
  5. You have prophetic dreams.
  6. You are sensitive to the energy of others.
  7. You have a wild nature and a free spirit.
  8. You prefer holistic methods of healing.
  9. Candles excite as well as calm you.
  10. You are aware of an ancient knowledge within you.
  11. Death does not frighten you.
  12. Storms excite you.
  13. Your friends and family often come to you for advice
  14. You are drawn to the occult and divination.
  15. You feel a strong connection to the Moon and her cycles.
  16. You can sense a lie.
  17. You get uncomfortable in large crowds of people.
  18. Spirits are attracted to you.
  19. You frequently encounter synchronicity.
  20. You often get called an “old soul”.
  21. You believe in Magick.


Of course this is a small sample of the amazing traits of a Witch!

I would like to point out that being a Witch does not mean you must practice Witchcraft. You can just be a Witch or you can be a Witch who practices Witchcraft and either is perfectly right .Being a Witch also does not mean you are Wiccan. Wicca is it’s own religious movement and is not necessary to practice in order to be a Witch, however a lot of Witches find it is the right fit for their practice. I personally use several aspects of Wicca in my practice.

Witches come in all shapes, sizes and forms. There is no wrong way to be a Witch, and if you are, proclaim it loud and proud!

If you are interested in beginning your own path as a Witch and are looking for support, guidance or advice please feel free to email me at

I am always happy to help new Witches begin their exciting path!