Card of the Day July 8th 2020, Waning Moon 87.1% in Aquarius

Today’s card comes from a brand new and absolutely magickal deck by Tess Whitehurst called “The Cosmic Dancer’s Oracle”. As usual with all of Tess’ creations this deck radiates magick!

Make mistakes is an excellent message for all of us, and it resonates deeply with me. As we get older, I find we get less inclined to fail.  In fact we avoid making mistakes pretty carefully. However the beauty in making mistakes is that is opens up many lessons and opportunities for us to learn from.  I love the analogy of working out; when building muscle, you have to break the muscle first which builds resiliency. Our selves are no different. Perfection is not real and we cannot hold ourselves to that standard. Have fun, be silly, make a fool of yourself! I promise you will be better for it!

” A path of abundant “failure” precedes every path of abundant success. If you are not willing to look silly, unpolished, or unpracticed, you will never achieve mastery in any skill, practice or area of life… Each time you make a mistake, you have the opportunity to dust yourself off, re calibrate and reassess the situation. This sacred act of soul polishing assists you on your way toward your most lustrous and full integrated self.”

<3 Always mistaking mistakes and loving it