What is a Witch?

What does the word “Witch ” mean?

While some many think the word scary in reality it is simply a modern derivative of the latin term “wise woman”. When you put it that way, aren’t we all Witches? .

I identify as Witch to reclaim a sacred word that has been demonized and slandered. To call myself Witch is me claiming my Divine Femininity, connecting to and accessing my power,  living in a higher consciousness and working with the gifts nature has given me. It is a sacred contract to keep the Magick in the world alive. It means my power needs not be hidden but nurtured. It connects me to Mother Earth so deeply that we become one.  It means  I am a guardian for Mother Earth and as such I must help protect her and her inhabitants and honor her always.

As a Witch I have a responsibility to those in my world that are in need of healing and light. It means I am a child of the Moon and it is with her cycles, and those of Mother Nature that I will work with and transmute energy, and bring to light how powerful the mind and heart truly are. It is honoring my ancestors and the wisdom they left in my cells.  I call myself Witch to claim the power that many women have had to hide or die for.

And to follow a path of Love and Light.