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Blessed Be and Welcome

Hello, I am Samantha and I am a Witch, Intuitive and Healer.

As a Healer, I use a variety of divination tools and modalities to best service the needs of my clients;

Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards I am an expert Interpreter for the Divine. Tarot Reading is a skill I have been honing for many years and remain a perpetual student of. This form of divination is one of my greatest passions in life. I have been studying the symbolism, meanings and interpretations and working with many different decks and spreads. I believe deeply in the healing that comes from hearing and seeing a message directly from Spirit, in a tangible way, in front you. Tarot offers a unique look into our relationship with the Divine and how to use the connection to live your best life. Aside from my self study, I have taken courses through local venues, various mentors,  and I hold a Tarot Advanced Diploma. I am dedicated to the craft of Tarot and am honoured to be blessed with my gifts to channel divine messages through the cards.

Intuitive Life Guidance As a Healer, I live a life of service to others. Healing is desperately needed in this world and to help heal others, we must heal ourselves first. My approach to life has proven itself through my abundance, joy and mindful living. I can offer you practical ways to live Mindfully and create the reality you want.  I dedicated my life to healing others after a profound spiritual experience, since then I have helped many beautiful souls find their power and live in an enlightened and aligned way. There is magick in the world when you know where to look and how to find it. I can help you with that.

Dream Interpretation  As Sigmund Freud said, “Dreams are the pathway to the soul”. As a Witch, Dreaming has always been a very active and influential part of my life. Spirit has been sending me complicated messages through my dreams for as long as I can remember. I find the unlocking of these mysteries to be a fascinating way to understand ourselves better. Dreams can offer an intrinsic look into our sub conscious and soul, giving us a divine map to truth. I have studied Dreaming and the meanings in Dreams and Nightmares since a young girl. While it took me many years to find my true path as a Witch, I have always known that my Dreams were an interim world between us on the physical and the spiritual. I can help you decipher what your dreams are trying to tell you as well as techniques for lucid dreaming and using your Dreams as part of Mindful living.

Spell Consultations As a practitioner of Witchcraft, Spells are an integral part of my practice. Using the gifts that Mother Earth has given us, combined with my own internal power and intention and Divinely aligned- Spell Work can be a powerful tool to creating your life. Spells are much like Prayers but powered by our own intentions and actions. I offer consultations on how to make Spells work for you.

Alternative Mental Health Support As an alternative mental health practitioner, I focus on integrating spirituality, navigation of the human experience,finding purpose, and living a life of joy and magick. I offer gentle guidance into my approach, combining techniques from my various areas of expertise. My work goes beyond conventional methods, embracing and incorporating the powerful connection between mind, body, and spirit. By weaving spiritual practices and magical language into therapy sessions, I create a nurturing and holistic space for clients to explore their inner selves.  I help individuals tap into their own inner wisdom, empowering them to find healing and transformation in a way that resonates with their spiritual beliefs and personal journey. This unique approach allows me to support individuals in a deeply profound and meaningful way, honoring the spiritual and magical aspects of their experiences while fostering growth, self-discovery, and emotional well-being.



 Sessions $100/HR

During your session in my Sacred Space I will ensure you feel safe and loved. I use several modalities in my Healing and Coaching sessions. Tarot and Oracle Card readings are one of my favorite divination practices. I love to work with the cards as a catalyst to peeling back the many layers of healing and self-empowerment. Intuitive Guidance and Channeled messages are also part of my sessions and when a Spirit wants to talk to you, I will gratefully be the messenger. I use Cognitive Behaviour Techniques, Logo Therapy practices, Ritual work and other coaching strategies as part of take-home work to help support you throughout your day-to-day life and enforce your transformations.
I use various other modalities such as; Crystal Healing, Sound Healing with Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks, Dream Interpretation and Meditation. I am a perpetual student of the divine and am always learning new modalities. Currently, I am studying  Herbalism and will be a certified graduate soon! I am a member of the American Tarot Association. I use my combination of formal education as a Certified Adult Educator through the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension, as well as my own experience in various courses, workshops and a mass amount of books to create unique coaching programs with my own eclectic form of Witchcraft.
Each client will receive a targeted healing/coaching session and follow-up plan designed to serve their individual needs.

Group Readings- Inquire Within

Group Readings are an excellent way to connect on a deeper level with the people in your life. Sharing in divine messages brings our hearts and souls closer together and a very fun energy to a reading. Group Readings are generally 3 cards per person reading approx 20-30 mins. Oracle and Tarot Card readings are a great addition to a gathering!

Intuitive Healing Packages- Inquire Within

 Much like planting a garden, healing your soul is a long journey of nurturing from seed to bloom, which is not an overnight process. There are many layers to the road to a healthy mind/body/soul, I recommend multiple sessions to help you and I will support in you in any way you may need me.

You may option to upgrade to a package at any time and I can also offer monthly payments when requested.

All of my sessions can be conducted via Skype or other online platforms.


Sessions with SAMANTHA are done at her Northside home. Location to be given when bookings are confirmed! 


Sessions with Samantha start at 100/hr, please send any inquiries for custom quotes to samantha@witchhealer.com


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Astrology Readings Now Available!

I would love the opportunity to guide you through the stars and share with you your future!  Please call to book an appointment.