Card of the Day July 7th 2020,Waning Moon in Aquarius 92.3

Today’s whimisical card comes from a deck by one of my favourite Witches of all time – Lucy Cavendish’s “Alice in Wonderland Oracle”.

Alice brings us a message of self acceptance. “You are rare and true” she tell us.  How often do we feel down on ourselves for being different? Do you celebrate all that makes you unique or wish you were someone or something else? We live in a world where that is just adjusting to everyone’s uniqueness but even though the world is accepting it more, there is much work to be done internally. Accept yourself for the divine being you are. Every human on the planet has their own unique contribution to the world, celebrate that yours is rare, one of a kind.

“Embrace your own rare qualities. Don’t try to fit in, you’ll be so frustrated and quietly unhappy. Be brave! By being your own wildflowerly self, you” inspire others- to be utterly themselves too!.. You must learn to embrace all that makes you different, and become the very best you can possibly be. You will never be defined, so refuse to comply. Explore the frontiers of the human spirit and know how precious and rare you are”.


We are the weirdos and let’s celebrate that!