July 1st 2020 Card of the Day Returns! Moon in Sagittarius 88.9%

HAPPY CANADA DAY! Please take a moment to sit in gratitude for this wonderful country of Canada we live in! It may not be perfect but it’s pretty close. I love my homeland and could not be more proud or grateful to be a Canadian!

Hello friends! Sorry I have been away! Life gets a little crazy sometimes in my world and time becomes even more of an illusion! But here I am back for Card of the Day and nope I am not perfect and nope I cannot do everything perfectly and yes sometimes I do not achieve the goals I have set out. However- Everyday is a new chance to evolve and everyday is a new reset, so no need to dwell on past mistakes but take the right actions moving forward!

The card I pulled today was actually during a self read I was doing and it was to beautiful and poignant I had to share it as I feel the collective can benefit from this amazing card. The 9th House in  Astrology is the house position for Sagittarius and is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of openness and expansion. This amazing card is from the deck “Black Moon Astrology”

“Obstacles are being lifted….This card indicates you are about to depart on an important journey. It may be an outward voyage, it may be an inward excursion. Either way, you will be changed”


Many of you may be feeling change, evolution or even revolution is in the air. You  may be feeling it very strongly within, you are not wrong. The time for change is now and trust and keep faith that the Divine is guiding and protecting you. Question your beliefs or dogmas and dissect what is no longer serving to make way for new knowledge and wisdom. If you feel on the precipice of a spiritual level up –

The Time is Now.

<3 Always leveling up or at least trying too