DIY Spell Kits

Welcome Curious Seekers,

I have been practicing Spell Crafts for many years. I found early on in my practice, that I was meant to weave and craft Spells. I am often asked to perform Spells for others but I prefer to let you use your own power and see what you can create by believing in your own magick. So I began crafting DIY Spell Kits.

Dreams can feel so far away and unattainable, but with the right tools and intention, I can help you take control of making your life exactly what you have always wanted it to be. Whether you are looking for luck, love, happiness, abundance, or any other dreams you can think of, I will personally craft you a Spell designed for your unique situation!

I put Love and Magick into each Spell Kit and it will include customized Spell charms, candles, herbs, crystals, talismans, and whatever else may be needed for you. Each Spell kit will come with a step-by-step instruction guide and personalized incantations. No experience is needed and every tool required for the spell will be included in the kit. Every item provided is blessed and procured from ethical sources and of an organic nature.
Don’t let your dreams stay out of reach – achieve your goals, craft the life of your dreams, and bring your manifestations to fruition.
Spell Kits priced per kit starting at $50
If interested please contact me at