About Me

My name is Samantha, and I am a Witch and a Healer. I practice Witchcraft and live a magickal life, healing myself and others to brighten up this world. I have not always lived in such alignment and I have had some very tough lessons in my life but it all  prepared me for a life of service. A passion and dedication to healing other wounded souls and helping others find their powers and healing abilities.

This is my story;

I begun my spiritual journey many years ago after spending my life disconnected from my true self and soul.  The life and state I live in now is abundant with love, light, joy and of course lessons as well as blessings. I know from the depths of my soul, my purpose on the earth this time is to use my gifts as a Light Worker to help heal the world.

After a transformative experience with a Wolf, I was awoken. I needed connection with my higher self, to embrace my Divine Femininity and nurture the abilities I had been blessed with. I always knew I was different, I finally realized that was a blessing and not a curse.

My relationship with spirituality began in a conservative Christian Reformed church. It sounds oppressive and it was.I had so many questions that were never answered and even more that could never be asked. I followed along and played by the “rules and roles” that were layed out for me. Though it never felt right. I left the church early on into adulthood and have never longed to go since. My confusing relationship with God resulted in a distant relationship with my family. Leaving me to my devices navigating the world on my own. And I failed. For awhile anyway.

I had spent many years questioning my self and my existence and the value of it. Such a disconnect from my higher self and my own power, I never thought it was perhaps the conditions of the world around me that needed to change but only that something was wrong with me for not fitting into society. I was left feeling alone and worthless. I lived in guilt, anger, resentment and self hatred. Why couldn’t I just be normal, I asked myself often. My value as a person and a woman had fallen so low, I never considered  I could be deserving of happiness. I was suffering the consequences of deep disengagement from my higher self. I made one poor choice after another and destroyed every relationship I could. I was in need of emergency spiritual surgery. My dis-ease was taking a toll on my health and soul. I knew it was time to make drastic changes in my life or my dis-ease would turn into disease.

I tried medical help first. I was “diagnosed” with ADHD, Depression and Anxiety. The words made sense, the treatment did not. Pills that are designed to disrupt your natural chemistry and suppress any type of organic emotion was not the solution for me. I felt more disconnected than ever. It was time for a holistic approach. I began by surrounding myself with the right people. I was learning about energy, the universe, chakras, higher consciousness, past lives, mindfulness.I embraced Love and Light as a new motto for my life.

I had some amazing spiritual experiences during this time, my vibrations raising by the day. Something was missing until the day I picked up a copy of Lucy Cavendish’s ” White Magic”. I had heard a calling from the depths of my couch. I had left a book lying under a pile of books for quite some time and one day it just called out to me. The book seemed to radiate light despite it’s thrift store price tag sticker. I opened the book and within the first 5 pages I finally had an answer to the eternal question – WHO AM I? Through her pages, Lucy Cavendish managed to ask me all the right questions. I felt the vibrational shift, the tingling and prickling of my skin, the rush of excitement pounding through my heart. WITCH. I am a WITCH. I felt the cheering of my ancestors rejoicing that I finally found my way home. This was the missing piece to my divine connection. It was not church my soul needed but Nature.

Working backwards from this realization rejuvenated my soul! Witch, what does it mean? I knew I needed to expand my knowledge of Witchcraft and other forms of Spirituality. I dived into classes, books, workshops, online videos, circles, and more. I even traveled the world, learning different cultures and their spiritual beliefs.The learning process is such a beautiful thing because it is infinite. I had learned so much and I had learned how to heal myself. That I was worthy of happiness. That I was Divine.

The road to healing and connection back to self was evolutionary and painful. It taught me the trauma I had faced in my life, need not define me but teach me. I finally came to realize I was worthy of healing. Life continued to bring abundance in all forms matching my rising vibration levels. The greatest gift in my journey was the realization that I needed to heal so I could help to heal others.

I live a life now of Magick.  I exist on joy, gratitude, abundance and most importantly Love. I am passionate and dedicated to helping others achieve their own empowerment and happiness. This is truly where my purpose lies. Bringing Love and Light to the world. Thank you for reading my story, I hope you will find the inspiration you seek.



A Witch can change and transform all she touches, for the greater good.- Starhawk