Merry Meet Lovelies!

Things at Witch Healer have been very busy the last year, and I am in deep gratitude that I am able to pursue my life’s purpose. I am hoping that I can continue to spread the love and light and hopefully this new Moon Ritual will do just that!

Pisces New Moon – Mar 2, 2022

Pisces New Moon brings about a mystical, dreamy and imaginative energy. You may be feeling especially intuitive, emotional, or inspired to learn about the mystical arts.  The shadow element of the Pisces New Moon is fear, overly emotional, hopeless.

Whether you are feeling the Light or Shadow of this New Moon, harness it for manifestation. Just like the Moon and her cyclical ways, you too can start anew.  Bring your day dreams to life, get comfortable with your emotions and intuition. Our World needs consciousness more than ever right now, and it starts with understanding what influences our world. The Moon influences our internal world, our emotional world, this can be overwhelming or powerful depending on how you see it.

Try this powerful mini ritual to help you navigate the Magick of the Moon


Fill a Bowl with water, salt, lemon peels and basil

Light a Candle (Colour optional, I use Blue)

Speak these Words:

Water Cleanse

Earth Take Seed

Air Divine

Fire Inspire

Call upon Divine Beings of your choice to work with you


Write a list of 3 Biggest Dreams/Desires – to Manifest

Write a list of 3 Biggest Fears/Worries -to Release

Pass each piece of paper through the candle flame (without burning it) and be clear on your intention and visualization with each.


Put each paper into your bowl of water and let it sit overnight near a window sill. You can add some quartz crystals to the bowl to amplify the energy!

The next day, return the water to the earth (plants, grass, garden etc..) and send Gratitude to Spirit/Universe.

Use the following affirmations until the Full Moon

I am a Divine Creator.

My wishes are my creations and they will be nurtured.

I am focused and purpose-driven to accomplish my wishes.

I am worthy of the blessings I receive and will continue to receive.

I send love to Mother Earth and her people.

I love myself.


Blessings to all and until the Moon shifts again