Card of the Day 06-16-2020 ( LOVE those numbers) Waning Crescent Moon in Taurus 17.9%

Today’s divine message comes from a deck I am absolutely obsessed with and it’s author! This is “Blessed Be” by the amazing Lucy Cavendish. She is a Witch who has inspired my path of light and I can always count on anything she publishes to be full of wisdom! You can find this deck here

A Blessing on your Sleep. What a glorious message. I am often shocked at how many adults struggle with sleep.  I was putting my two little grandchildren to bed the other night and I laughed at their resistance. I said “Don’t worry when your adult you will love to go to bed, in fact you will count the hours until you can!” Ihave also convinced them I am a very magickal Witch and that all magickal people must sleep to refresh their powers, that helps too lol!

Sleep and Dreaming is a very important part of personal and spiritual development. Every aspect of Nature has a rest element to it. Sleep is incredibly healing for our physical selves as well as our emotional selves. Make a good sleep a priority in your life. Have a proper ritual before bed, preferably one that does not involve your phone, set up your bedroom to be a sacred space, use oils or herbs that encourage restful sleeps. I find one of the greatest techniques for a great nights sleep is guided meditations. You can sleep and dream with intention and a guided meditation is an excellent way to lull you into a great sleep where you stay asleep! And Dreaming is a whole other post on it’s own.

<3 Sleep Well