Card of the Day June 17th 2020, Waning Crescent Moon in Taurus 11.9%

WOW! These cards are so intense, from a powerful deck ” Mystical Shaman Oracle” by Collette Baron – Reid, the two cards for today that literally flew out of the deck and floated slowly to the ground have incredible messages for us! You can find this deck here

The Sorcerer

“When the Sorcerer enters your circle, you’re being called to look at how your beliefs around scarcity and self centered fear manifest in your world”. How often do we allow our tendencies for fear and self doubt overshadow opportunities for creation.  As human it is important we honour the connection we have to each other and the beautiful Earth we share. We all have moments of darkness, where we give into hatred or envy or resentment, but allow those moments to be lessons, to help us discover what we need to conquer in order to evolve.

“When you meet the Sorcerer with humility, this destructive power turns into grace, which you can use in service to the highest good”.


The Beloved

“The Beloved is the recognition of Spirit in another, and moving toward Spirit through the other. It is when the divine appears to us is in the form of our child, our partner, our friend, and we experience being in love. As we grow, we start to recognize the Beloved in everyone, not confusing their personality with their divine nature”

Love is the most powerful vibration there is. Chose Love. Give it freely and accept it gratefully. When we connect with each other through our most divine and purest nature, we create magick. Love is medicine, Love is life, Love is joy, Love is pain. Following the path of love will always lead us in the right direction, when the Love is pure and not ego based.

Love Always

<3 Samantha