Card of the Day June 15th 2020, Waning Crescent Moon in Aries 25.9%

Today’s magickal card comes from the deck “Black Moon Astrology” which you can find in my store! This deck has powerful energy and I am sure you can feel it from this card! You can find this deck here

Staying with the theme of good choices in our behaviours, the Mind card in this deck provides yet another great reminder!

“Mercury, the planet of Intelligence and talking..suggests you must put effort behind your talk… The God Mercury ( The counterpart to Hermes) also have very much to do with magick and medicine, Mercury rules the eyes, brain, nerves and fingers and toes”.

The message of this card, is that you have all the tools to create magick and thus medicine! All within your beautiful body and mind. Chose your words very carefully and the actions behind them even more so. We are co creators of everything in our life, we must be very mindful of what we create! I like the visualization of a Rolodex for my own thoughts and behaviours. When I am in a lower vibrational space, I pay very close attention to the Rolodex of thoughts I am having. When I come across a negative one, I flip to the next, and the next and the next and so on. Until I land on the one that serves me and uplifts my feelings instead of contributing to further low vibes.

Mercury encourages us to use our Mind to create magick, you have complete control over your thoughts and emotions. Make wise choices and find alignment.

<3 Vibe High Lovelies