Card of the Day June 11th 2020 Waning Moon in Pisces 63.4%

Today’s card comes from one of my newest obsessions – “Queen of the Moon Oracle”, can find it here.

TRUST, I love that word. It is so powerful and foundational to every relationship in our life, especially the one with ourselves. The Egg Moon was a time for joy and celebration for our ancestors come Spring. It was the reminder that the coldest part of the year ended and the light and warmth were coming to fertilize the earth. It was part of the beautiful relationship of trusting Mother Earth to complete her cycles, this energy brings us the encouragement to trust ourselves. Trust in your power and your talents.  Trust is the most crucial component when working our psychic muscles and fostering our intuition. We must trust ourselves to make magick happen! Self trust is the basis for ALL other trust. As with any loving trait, we must apply to ourselves first before truly giving the same gift to others.

“Self trust is surety that we can rely upon ourselves… That we ourselves matter. That knowing ourselves leads to better, more informed decisions about all aspects of our life… Self trust is FULL ACCEPTANCE of self… This give us great momentum to anything we chose to do.”

Trust Yourself because you are all knowing and all seeing, if you believe you are.


<3 Trust Me