Card of the Day June 10th 2020, Waning Moon in Aquarius.

PATIENCE! Lol never has that been my strong suit but I am learning! Today’s card and apt message comes from a fabulous deck new to my collection “Divination of the Ancients”.

Patience, that word that we all struggle with, some worse than others! I have learned many times over that life is all about Divine Timing and there is natural order to the Universe. Waiting is difficult sometimes, especially when were are working on our manifestations! Patience is a necessary step in evolution. It teaches us to wait for the things that matter most to us because that is how life unfolds. This is especially true when working on our own self development!

Patience is a crucial trait for dealing with the stress of the human experience but nothing happens overnight. Like a garden, every seed we plant must be tended to it carefully and then left to nature to finish the rest.

“Yes, you have an important life purpose. Yes, you are naturally gifted. Yes, what you are asking for will be given. But all in good timing…. The Geomancy card asks you to have patience. Like the butterfly, you need to go through various stages before reaching your true potential”.

We do not see everything that happens above us or below us, trust Spirit is working for you!

<3 Waiting here patiently..