June 6th 2020, Waning Moon in Capricorn – 98.6% – Full Moon Energy is still here!

Hello everyone! Thank you for your patience while I took a short hiatus! Life got very busy for a while upon my return from the mountains and I had some major life events, including my daughters 18th birthday! It was a very busy time this past week and I am grateful it is over and I can resume my work again!

Today’s card comes from an incredible deck “Earth Warriors” by Alana Fairchild, can be found here https://witchhealer.com/oracle-cards/ This deck is full of Earth Magick and Divine Energy.

“Q’Ente” The Sky Jewel of the Andes”, brings us the Hummingbird who bears the soul medicine of spiritual grace, the evolution to conquer any obstacle and the extraordinary power of the heart. ..We often don’t realize just how much we have been conditioned to subconsciously demand that progress in our lives be difficult… The Divine wants us to engage and participate in the fulfillment of our destiny, if we do not surrender spiritually, we will never fulfill our potential”.

The time for healing across the world is NOW. That requires us to work with the Divine to bring about the change we want in the world. There is so much unrest and unknown, the energy of the planet is ripe to shift. Help the world shift into the Light, into a mindful way of life by finding your own path of healing and magick. The world needs Lightworkers more than ever, surrender to the Divine and create a life of Love. Be an example of how to lead from the Heart always- this is how you create the World you want to live in.

“Let the faith of the heart overcome doubt. All your mind to be filled with wonder at the unlimited power of the Divine and you shall bear witness to sacred manifestation”.


One with All

<3 Samantha