Gemini New Moon represented in Tarot by the Lovers. Duality. Bringing harmony back into our relationships, especially the one with ourselves.



Friday May 22nd 2020 – New Moon in Gemini

This New or Dark Moon brings us strong energy of creativity, intuition and self reflection. The New Moon is the time for renewal,planting the seeds of intention and reestablishing what motivates us.  Gemini (The Twins) the Twins may cause some internal confusion between the mind and the heart, the Dark Moon sows the seeds of personal power. When our hearts and minds are not in alignment it can cause chaos and anxiety throughout our lives. Use the darkness of the sky tonight to bring alignment back into your life.

Honour your gifts of intuition and creativity to work with the lunar magick that comes with the New Moon. Use this time to tend to the garden of your mind. Remember you hold the power to your thoughts and actions. If things feel out of control right now, know that like the Moon, it is just a phase. And each phase we go through is equally important. This New Moon is strongly encouraging us to look inward, what needs re balancing in our souls? Meditation is an excellent way to figure this out. It is time to go within our inner knowing and plant the right seeds for this lunar cycle.

There are many excellent meditations on the New Moon, you can find them on Youtube, or apps like Insight Timer, Calm, Head Space and more.

New Moon Ritual

You will need a pen and paper, seeds or seedlings

Start your Ritual with a cleansing of your space, if you like to cast a circle, I recommend a good cleansing first!

Cleansing your space can be done with intention, burning herbs, sprays, oils, candles or whatever tools you resonate with.

I personally use herbs like; sage, frankincense, mugwort, lavender, palo santo, as well as a rosewater sprays. I use the following incantation;

“I banish all negative energies and entities. Low level vibrational beings are banished from my space and forbidden to enter my circle. Only beings of love, light and high vibrations may enter. I ask my Divine team to protect this space and allow a clear channel of communication and guidance.  I invite Spirit into my circle (space) to assist me with my magickal work.”

It is great to create your own, use whatever words and sayings resonate with you. I do have different incantations depending on what type of energy work I am doing but this is a basic one I use for clearing before Moon Rituals.

Call in the Elements, ( Earth, Air, Fire, Water) as well as your Divine team and whatever light energy you chose!

Here are some options for an easy Altar set up for the elements but it can also be all intention based!

Earth- Salt, Plants, Dirt, Sand, Crystals

Air – Incense, Sage,

Fire- Candles, Cinnamon,

Water- Bowl or Chalice of Water ( I use my essential oil diffuser for my Water element i love the mystical feel of it)

Spirit is of course already there!

Intention Setting  

Write down in either your New Moon journal or on any paper, what you wish to manifest for the upcoming lunar cycle (28 days) you can also write your intentions as far into the future as you wish. Write down every beautiful dream, wish, desire you want! Nothing is out of reach with Spirit, it is only our own ego that stops us! No wish is impossible when the intentions are pure and for the greater good.

Then get into a comfortable place and hold your list over your Solar Plexus Chakra, your Power Centre!

Take deep breaths in through your nose and out your mouth, while visualizing each and every wish. It is so important that while you are visualizing your wish you FEEL, it coming true. For example, my wish list includes; Host an event bringing Women together. So I will visualize what it looks, then FEEL what it feels like using as many senses as possible. I will feel the joy of being surrounded by powerful women, the fun and stress of hosting an event, the smell of the flowers I will use, the taste of the tea I will serve, and most importantly the incredible uplifting power of women healing together

Do this with every item on your list, and really surrender to the fantasy! Try it first with small wishes like, I wish for a new plant. Then see it, smell it, feel it. Feel the joy of what a new plant brings. You will shock yourself at how powerful you can manifest using this technique!

I like to keep the lists until I have had those desires come true then I burn them and use the ashes in creating black salt!

Visions boards are also great and creative ways to set and anchors intentions!


Find an mediation that resonates with you. You can google  – New Moon Meditation or Manifestation Meditation.  Remember that Meditation is a practice and can take some time to master but there is no wrong way to begin! Scrying is a great way to mediate as well and is as easy as gazing directly into a flame, water, mirror or crystal! The important part of meditation is surrender. Do not resist your thoughts but let them flow through. If you find you get too off track bring it back to breath- Breathe In- Breathe Out.


This is a crucial part of all ritual work! Gratitude in the form of intention or an offering. Always thank Spirit and which ever light beings you resonate with. They work hard for us so we must show our gratitude. Gratitude = Happiness.

Dream time is great for further anchoring your intentions. As you go to sleep continue visualizing your wishes and keep the manifesting going!


May all your wishes come true <3





Yup still in my pajamas!