Card of the Day June 7th 2020 Waning Moon in Capricorn

Today’s card comes from one of my regularly used decks, “The Everyday Witches Tarot, which you can find here As always with Spirit, when you ask, you receive an answer.  With the chaos and struggles of the world currently, I sometimes struggle with even knowing what to ask. So for today’s card, I asked simply “What do the Lightworkers and Lightbeings need a reminder of right now?”

The Hanged Man answered.We see in this card, a Witch hanging upside down from their broom. Hands and legs chained up. However if you look closely you see the Witch holds the Key in their hand. The Hanged Man begs the question – Are you feeling stuck? Helpless ? Unsure of where or how to move? That is ok because sometimes it is in the most awkward and uncomfortable places, we find the answers we are searching for. It is important to check within yourself and see if you are feeling stuck due to lack of motivation or in quiet contemplation? If your feelings of being stuck or held back are frustrating you then it is time to approach your situation from a new angle.

Look from a different perspective for a better view. “Where in your life are you stuck? Try looking at the situation from a new angle or with a better attitude. You can do something to get yourself unstuck or  simply accept that are stuck right now and see if there are any benefits to hanging around for a while”

Always remember though – Only you hold the key to the chains that bind you.