Card of the Day June 13th 2020, Waning Crescent Moon in Aries 43.9%

Today’s card comes from an incredible deck called “Circle of Life Tarot” and can be found here. This deck features circular cards to signify the infinite connection we all share. This card is the SUN card. And comes at a perfect time just a week before the Summer Solstice! The Sun is an incredibly powerful energy, that nourishes our physical, spiritual and emotional selves. Just the thought of the Sun brings us warm feelings and happy memories.

There is an intense power in the Sun that we can harness for our own magick. The dancer in this card holds two Wands and is doing just that – Harnessing the energy! She collects the heat and the creature at her feet appears to do the same. All in an perfect circle, just like the Sun.

Use the Sun’s energy to stay warm and optimistic. You utilize this powerful light energy to keep you happy and high vibing! This card helps to remind us to be joyful, follow our dreams and do what we love. The Light of the Sun is within us always, use it to light the world!

<3 Sun Salutations