Card of the Day June 9th 2020, Waning Moon in Aquarius 82%

Today’s alluring card comes from the mystical deck, ” Enchanted Oracle” which you can find here.

Temptation lures us in through a beautiful Faerie with long raven hair. She offers us an apple and a promise of something mysterious. However if you look closely you will see she is also wearing a  mask. A sign that there is something hidden beneath it. Temptation comes to us in many forms; food, alcohol, drugs, sex, media, and many more. What may seem innocent or alright for the time could indeed have some disastrous consequences. Temptation is a part of navigating our human experience and conquering is an important part of evolution.

“Very simply put: resist temptation. Whatever you are facing or considering, whatever someone is offering or encouraging, don’t do it… Part of you probably knows that, even if you don’t want to admit it to yourself. Or it may seem benign or even good to you but there is something about it that you don’t know. If you knew, if the secrets were revealed, you would agree it is not the right choice for you”.

I do not know who or why, Spirit felt this message needed to be shared but I suspect it does resonate with a lot of us. In uncertain times, we can be challenged constantly and I believe this time in the World is a trial for many. Listen to your cauldron, and heart and mind. You have always have the right answer in you just ensure you are seeing the situation clearly.

I personally recommend resisting the temptation of SOCIAL/MEDIA for a while.

Stay strong lovelies

<3 Samantha