Card of the Day June 8th 2020 Waning Moon in Aquarius 86.9%

This powerful card comes from one of my favourite decks, Spirit of the Animals Oracle! The Wolf! One of Mother Natures most magickal creatures and a huge part of my own spiritual awakening. The Wolf comes to us today with a few layers of meanings. The first and most apparent is that is the Pathfinder, or the Teacher. The Wolf is revered throughout Indigenous cultures as they teach us about leadership, survival,social structure. They show us how to be cooperative in packs and to lead through example.

The second being the ability to preserver and survive. Using our life lessons along the way to lead our packs and share our knowledge.

The Wolf card calls us to action with these powerful words;

“Release your past and start a new journey. You are a teacher and help others find their way. There will be challenges but your soul is strong. Perseverance is your secret power.

You have a love that endures. ”

The Wolf is an ally to the Moon and the Divine Feminine. Let the Wolf call to you to remind you of your own ferocious divinity.

BRB Howling at the Moon

<3 Samantha