Card of the Day, May 14th 2020 Waning Moon in Aquarius 47.6%

Today’s card comes from one of my absolute favourite decks- Work Your Light Oracle by Rebecca Campbell, you can find a description here-.

This Divine message feels directly channeled from the Heavens. Anna – Grandmother of Jesus comes to us to offer her comfort and reassurance that there is a Divine Plan.  When planting the seeds of life, we can get impatient on waiting for the harvest, anxiously checking for growth along the way. However, not all magick can be seen. Trust in the Divine, Trust in ourselves is an important part of laying the foundations of life.

“Anna teaches us we all have a part to play in the Divine plan. It doesn’t have to be on the world stage to be significant. One person’s part is not worthier than another.  One person’s part may be to mother their children. Another’s may be to gather women in circle each month. No part is better or worse, no more important or less significant. We each have within us a seed of light that we incarnated to share. Anna is gather us to remember and surrender to our part of the plan.”

<3 In  Divine Surrender