Card of the Day May 13th 2020, Waning Moon in Aquarius 57.6%

I asked Spirit to assist me with a message that will help to uplift the vibrations of the collective, the Consciousness card jumped out of the deck at me, this amazing card comes from the Sacred Awakening oracle. It brings an energy that screams for unity and consciousness throughout the world. Living consciously is the solution, Consciousness is evolution and evolution is life.

“An open consciousness allows you to become free from the voice of your illusions, limiting beliefs and choices that block your flow of energy and purpose as an Infinite Being. Consciousness is as water, moving endlessly. When you allow your consciousness to expand, you are given new wisdom and insights. Endless cycles of expansions bring you into greater alignment and connection with your Divine source, releasing limitations and opening further channels bringing you into the next cycle of expansion.”

By living a Conscious and Mindful life, you are choosing to create the life you want. You are claiming your seat at Co- Creator of your life. You live happy and in a high vibration, and attract other other high vibrational beings, and circumstances and that is where the magick in life lies. Using your positive energy to manifest your reality is magick! The Divine brings us this reminder with ferocity  РConsciousness is always the answer.