Card of the Day May 15th 2020 Waning Crescent Moon in Pisces 38%

This gorgeous card comes from the Animal Spirits Knowledge Deck, found here – The Dog <3 Human’s best friend. The Dog represents loyalty, unconditional love, devotion, service, protection. The perfect recipe for a best friend. Those of us who are blessed with Dogs know- there is no love like a dog’s love. It is pure and unconditional, they are like our furry Earth Angels.

I often tell my clients when practicing self love- try to see yourself through the eyes of your dog. They only see our hearts, not how we look or for what we have. They do not know ego only love- they live in the present and never worry about the past or get anxious about the future. Dogs are our greatest friends and teachers.

I am blessed with a beautiful soul in the form of a brindle Boxer named Lady.  She is always by my side, attentive and ready for service, she expects nothing from me beyond a pet or a hug. She is getting older and is now a grey faced Old Lady, she lives very luxuriously and is surrounded by love at all times, that is all she needs to feel fulfilled- Love. She is perfectly divine and I am grateful for every day with her and for the lessons she has taught me in unconditional love and devotion. Learn from the beautiful animals we are blessed to share this Earth with, they bring us healing and wisdom and are surely gifts direct from  Heaven.

<3 I love Lady, my sweet Dog beyond words (but I’m still a Cat person )