Card of the Day May 10th 2020, Waning gibbous Moon 83% in Capricorn

Happy Mother’s Day to every beautiful Goddess out there!

The Mother card comes from the Celtic Tarot by Kristoffer Hughes and it is one of my favourite decks lately. This card has been coming up in a lot of my readings and I thought it was the perfect card for today!

The Mother represents the Empress card in a Rider Waite deck and brings us a comforting and powerful energy.

“In ripening fields I sit, my belly full of life of the land. Sees of the earth fall from my hand, gifts of the first harvest, but life itself is a gift divinely given. See the blood crimson against the ripening corn, expressing the mystery of motherhood. For I am womb and tomb, cradle and grave. You will always need me, I am always here for you. I provide you with abundance-like acorns here from the World Tree, go forth and inspire, expand be all you can be”.

As a Mother I find this day to be such a polarizing day for all women. For some of us, if its a beautiful gift and our family shows us love and appreciation, for other it is a reminder of an absence in their life, for some of us it is a reminder of the loss of our own Mothers, for others a celebration for the women that raised and nurtured them. Either way it is a lot of energy around our heart and root chakras. It can be difficult for some of us, please enjoy this day for what it is, regardless of what the word “Mother” means to you- you deserve a day of love and appreciation. All of us care for some form of life, one way or another – this makes us all Mothers.

I am so blessed to have two beautiful daughters and experienced how our relationships have evolved  over the years, my daughters are 17 and 14. They are two amazing goddesses ( most of the time ) and they sure know to to try me! They are some of my greatest teachers in life and I hope I give them the same back. The most important thing I have learned as a Mother is the theme of my life- surrender. Surrender to the need to control their decisions, choices, relationships, wardrobe.. the many aspects of the life I tried to force my influence on. That is what we do as Mothers because we want the best for our children. But what is best for them is letting them be themselves. Allowing them to learn their own lessons and walk their own journeys. We can be the divine guidance on Earth for them but ultimately their choices are their own.

I have always said that being a Mother is like letting your heart go walking outside your body everyday. 17 years later, I still feel this everyday and what a gift it is. Despite all the trials along the way, my daughters are the absolute greatest joy of my life. They are such divine, conscious, wise souls and I thank Spirit everyday I was chosen to be their Mother.