Card of the Day May 9th 2020 Waning gibbous Moon in Sagittarus

21 from Soul Vibes, this message is so beautiful;


“Energetically, you are beginning to draw in the loving people you need to help you move forward on your path and in your life. These people offer you both emotional and spiritual support- so that you see and feel your own value in the world. Remember, you have just as much of a positive effect in their lives, as they do in yours.

While what you have to give is very important, it’s just as important that you allow yourself to receive too. In doing so you are creating a beautiful energy exchange of growth and support for all”.

A perfect message for the day before Mother’s Day, we give so much we must remember to RECEIVE as well. Receive and show gratitude to complete the exchange and leave both souls feeling uplifted!


Happy to Receive