Card of the Day May 8th 2020, Waning gIbbous Moon in Sagittarius 95%

8 of Pentacles from Illuminati Tarot! I am loving the energy of all this FIRE! Fire is not just about passion but rebirth! The 8 of Pentacles comes to us today to remind us how we must nurture our unique gifts and talents. Another theme for this week. We are each so uniquely talented and creative, it is time to level up those gifts! Nurturing your talents can be a wonderful way to pass the time if you are stuck at home!

We all spend many hours a day on the internet, why not use that time to hone your talents! The Internet is full of FREE education or very reasonable priced education! Now is the time to nurture those talents and try new ones! Get creative and remember that “Practice makes perfect”, dedication and hard work are great ways to feel accomplished!

“I am a work in progress, white hot metal in my hands to be melded. Though my muscles will scream in protest and the sweat pour down my back, I will not cease from my work, for it is the road to perfection and the trial of fire that shapes the world!


Loves Her Job