Card of the Day May 7th Flower Super Moon in Scorpio- See my post on a Full Moon Ritual!

Another magickal card from the deck “Nature’s Whispers’, which is exactly what I feel this card is a direct message that supports the energy of the Full Moon and sets up up for new growth. Clear Out The Old, a perfect message for releasing what no longer serves us. Spring cleaning is needed, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This card radiates the breathtaking beauty of nature and all that connects us. The purple rose reminds us to trust in our intuition and love ourselves unconditionally. Forgive yourself and celebrate being your truest self.

“What ever you are experiencing now is a creation that you have brought into existence from past thoughts and feelings. While in this moment it may have caught you up, you can let go and begin to dream of a new reality.

Let go of the aspects of this creation that no longer serve you or have a purpose. Release what has gone wrong in the past…. Know that where you are now you can create anew and being again:.

I love this message it is perfectly in tune with what the Full Moon phase teaches us ; RELEASE- RENEW


Blessed Flower Super Moon