Card of the Day May 3rd 2020 Waxing GIbbous Moon in Virgo 84.4%

The Queen of Summer from the Animal Tarot Deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, show us a regal, majestic Swan, she represents beauty and compassion.

The Queen of Summer – The Swan comes to us with a divine message of trusting one’s intuition and and practicing self care. With her beauty and grace, she is showing us our own beauty and power. Her presence is magickal and illuminated and reflecting that back to you – as animals always do.  Part of loving and trusting yourself is making sure to give your compassion inward to yourself as well.  You deserve love and care. Be kind to yourself and see how beautiful you are! It is your inner beauty that really matters because that is where your spirit is.

“Incredibly beautiful and graceful, swans are symbols of elegance, intuition and love…. They can represent your self -worth and seeing the beauty in others that they may not seem in themselves. The swan reminds you that it is inner beauty that matters.

The Swan has the ability to love deeply and care for others. It is important to take time for your self and balance your needs with other to avoid getting emotionally exhausted. Treat yourself because you deserve it Queen!