Card of the day May 2nd 2020, Waxing Gibbous 71%

This card comes from the Everyday Witches Tarot, one of my regularly used decks.

At first glance it is clear that the young Witch in this picture is trapped. However it is not just the walls and the bars that trap him but his own mind. I feel that a lot of the collective can relate to this. Fears. The fears that keep us trapped in our own minds. As this card comes from the suit Pentacles, the fear is based around money or lack thereof. For the Witch on this card, if he was to see more clearly, he would see he has everything he needs. The window is open and he is actually free so what keeps him locked in?

Often times the fear is worse than the lack itself. In our society we are constantly inundated with conditions on what we must achieve in life. Money equals power we are told. When we lack what we think we need, it creates a fear and stress on us. The unfortunate side of this is that when we are living in a state of fear, we are blocking the abundance into our life. This card encourages us to carefully consider what we “need” in life.

“Are your financial concerns real ( they may be of course ), or are they based on perceptions of lack because of past experiences or fears for the future? Sometimes we hold so tightly to what we perceive as necessary that we miss the big picture”

Focus on gratitude every day, as a good friend of mine always says “How can the Universe give us more if we are not grateful for what we already have?”.

Gratitude = Happiness