Card of the Day May 4th 2020 Waxing Gibbous Moon in Libra 92%

This divine card comes form my very first Tarot deck and still my favourite deck to this day – The Goddess Tarot. Featuring Goddess as the Major Arcana and each suit of the Minor Arcana is attributed to a Goddess- Pentacles is the suit of the Goddess Lakshmi. The Hindu Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance. She tells us there is infinite abundance for all!

The Six of Pentacles is telling us that there is plenty of abundance to go around and it is important to help out those less fortunate. Acts of kindness and generosity are acts of service to the Universe. There is always enough to share with the suit of pentacles. This divine women shares her gifts with the two women at her lap, they show a look of gratitude and all 3 women have enough.

Living a happy and mindful life includes charitable acts, in whatever capacity you can offer. Helping those less fortunate is a wonderful way to show you honour the connection of us all. It is also an excellent way to life your own vibrations. It is a wonderful feeling to give! We are one and therefore sharing what we can benefits us all.

“True Generosity and Philanthropy. Sharing talents with the world and hoping they’ll be recieved gracefully. Trusting the prosperity of the Universe. Helping others who are less fortunate without expectations or obligations”.

In Service