Blessed BELTANE to all!

Today’s card comes from the Witches Wisdom Oracle Deck and it illustrates one of my favourite Sabbats- Beltane. Also know as Beltaine or May Day, it is the seasonal festival where we celebrate all the best parts of life! – Love, Fertility, Nature, Growth, Fire, New Life, Passion, Optimism, Sensuality, Fun.  It marks the mid point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice and is the perfect time to plant new seeds!

The energy of Beltane always brings such joy and hope and the excitement of creation. It is just the energetic reset we all need after a very long winter! While one of my favourite traditions is to dance around the Maypole, this year the celebrations were solo! There are still plenty of fun ways to celebrate Beltane! This is the perfect time for Fertility Magick, what do you want to create in your life? Planting new seeds is a wonderful way to connect with Nature again and nurture our relationship to Mother Earth.

This fertile energy can be utilized to help strengthen relationships especially with significant others and is an excellent time for sensuality and bonding.  Beltane originates from the union between the Green Man and the Goddess, a uniting of male and female energies, what a great way to celebrate! See why this is one of my favourite Sabbats!

Enjoy this time to celebrate the sun and the next cycle of the Wheel of the Year, and remember that life is all about cycles. We celebrate the changing of seasons because change is evolution and growth and that is what the human experience is all about.

I celebrate Beltane because the energy of this festival is so fun and makes you feel so good! You do not have to have complicated rituals or celebrations to utilize this magickal time! Celebrate because feeling good = high vibrations=powerful manifestor= creator of reality = highest self