Card of the Day April 27th Waxing Crescent Moon 21% in Cancer

Today’s card comes from an awesome deck called “The Ancient Egyptian Oracle” it takes glyphs and symbols and brings ancient knowledge to life. imagination is the theme of this card, another theme that has been coming up for me a lot. This quarantine situation is an excellent way to see how adept our imaginations are as adults. As kids, especially prior to smart phones, we were excellent at exercising our imaginations. Growing up as an only child, imagination was a key part of my childhood! Never did a day go by where I was not utilizing my imagination and what fun it was!

I luckily have not stopped using my imagination since! Imagination is a crucial component of visualization which is a crucial component of manifestation which is a key component to co creating your reality! That is how important it is. Exercise your beautiful imagination and do not let the human experience take away the joy of imagining- or day dreaming! We were often told not to day dream as kids, now I say day dream everyday! See what you desire- Feel what you desire and it will come to you.

The brilliant Alberta Einstein said “. “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” I could not agree more!

Peace and Love Day Dream Believers