Card of the Day April 26th 2020 Waxing Moon in Gemini 13%

I love this whimsical deck! It is the Alice in Wonderland Oracle Deck by Lucy Cavendish!

Today’s card is yet another poignant message! What will happen next? This is a conversation I have been having a lot lately. One thing this quarantine situation has taught me is how to be PRESENT.

We never know what tomorrow will bring so why worry about it! Easier said then done right? It takes a lot of practice but it is possible to redirect your thoughts! Do not let the worries of tomorrow take away from your peace and joy today!

When we surrender our fears to the Universe and live in the moment we can enjoy the flow of divine timing, and everything we desire in life that is for our highest good, will come into it!

“While she ought to be enjoying an afternoon beneath the trees in late summer, Alice is actually a little fretful and restless. She wants for adventure, to explore and reach  out beyond the comforts of her current existence… Be ready for a challenge and new experiences”.

<3 The ever present (usually) Witch