Card of the Day April 28th 2020 Waxing Crescent Moon in Cancer 31%

This stunning card is the very first card I have ever pulled from this deck! It is the newest addition to my collection and it is so powerful. The deck is Earth Warriors by Lucy Cavendish.

Kanyini is a term created by the First Peoples of Australia and it represents a sacred connectedness between the spiritual and the earthly, a realization that a bond exists between ALL beings. During this pandemic we are all experiencing, one thing we can all feel is how connected we are. Whether it is the absence of social interaction, the transmission of the virus between humans and animals, the healing of Mother Earth, the same suffering of humans- it is clear we are all connected to each other.  The reason it is such and important reminder is that; if we acknowledge and honour these connections, we all heal together. Like a domino effect, when one being “lights” up, that light spreads. As we move forward on our personal journeys it makes room for others to move along theirs. We light the path!

“We may feel an internal disconnection from society…as we sift through societal conditioning, casting aside that which does not strike us as truth and seeking alternative views. As we distill our consciousness, we discover a new way to be. Then, when it is time, we naturally seek to live and share this internal truth with others. ….We realize that conflict with societal values serves a purpose. It helps us to clarify our own consciousness, so we grow stronger spiritually, psychologically and emotionally.”

If you ever doubt your purpose know that just contributing light to the world is purpose enough. We are all connected- earth, humans, animals, spirit- every ray of light we spread effects every being. That is so special and that knowledge makes the human experience a lot easier to navigate.

“Your wisdom and openness to life, generate healing for the earth”


<3 Earth Warrior