Card of the Day April 22nd 2020 New Moon in Taurus – New Moon Ritual Video will be up April 23rd!

Happy New Moon and Happy Earth Day! I love Spring,the sun is shining again and I even saw a fat, cute little bee today! This beautiful card comes from the deck “Universal Wisdom”.  A beautiful and inspiring deck! Earth Song – is a card I chose for today. In light of it being Earth Day, I think it is the perfect time for everyone to reflect on their relationship with Gaia – or Mother Earth.  How do we treat this beautiful Earth we live on?

I think of my own relationship with her and since my spiritual awakening, I have been so aware of how she is treated and my part in that. As a Witch, one of my fundamental beliefs is to protect and advocate for Mother Earth and her inhabitants. It is my duty, as a way to serve the Divine, to contribute to the health and healing of Earth.  We are deeply connected to her and yet, do we honour her? It is the little things we can do to help Mother Earth heal.  Don’t leave garbage on the ground is a pretty intro level standard for humans but how many of us throw trash on the ground without a second thought?

“The Earth breathes and feels just like you. At times she sings for joy, at times she cries. She is a reflection of humanity She is one with you. She is a conscious entity.  Your love will help her regain her balance. Feel and accept her love for it will nourish your soul. Invoke this great healing power and your life will take on a new meaning”.

There is much healing and power to be found in nature. Consider your personal contributions to Mother Earth. We use her resources everyday day, what are we giving back? `

Planting flowers, plants or trees is a wonderful way to show your love and contribute to her health. Planting a vegetable garden helps nourish ourselves and Mother Earth, plant flowers for the bees, pick up a piece of garbage when you see it, waste less, walk or bike more, reuse! These small things can be wonderful contributions to our beautiful Mother Earth.

<3 Love