It is a special day in our house – Clintmas Eve as well it. It is the night before Clintmas, also know as my partner Clint’s birthday! In his honour I picked the “Dragon Oracle” deck for today’s card!

Source Dragon is the last card in this deck. Source Dragons are the 12th dimensional being that is the centre of the universe where there is an infinite stillness and love. Source Dragon comes  to you today to help you remember to breathe.


That beautiful, magickal prana. I encourage everyone to develop a regular meditation practice but remember anywhere and anytime you always have breath. If you find yourself feeling a little out of touch or ungrounded, breathe deeply and take in your surroundings to ground yourself. I find this practice is a great antidote to panic or anxiety. I will plant my feet firmly on the ground and take a deep breath, or many, and sit in silence taking in all my surroundings. This helps to find my centre again. That is beauty of meditation – the much needed reset.

A key component of meditation is presence. The ability to be wholly and fully in the moment. With our current situation of not knowing what tomorrow brings – Presence is a necessary skill for coping. Source Dragon reminds us;

” Be diligent, calm and focused and remember to breathe deeply.  Breath is the key to being in the moment and this is where the greatest magick happens… Always remember your present moment creates your future”.