Card of the Day April 20th 2020 Waning Crescent Moon 4/% in Aries – Two days until New Moon!

Rhea the divine Greek Goddess comes from a magickal deck – Goddess Power Oracle  by Colette Baron-Reid.

Rhea, whose name literally means Flow and Ease, comes to tell us that even though things may feel stagnant at the moment, the FLOW is here. Flow state is that incredible state where life flows smoothly along and the Universe seems to have aligned everything perfectly. Motivation and ideas come easily and life feels much more relaxed. That is a wonderful state to be in! Like the flow of a river or stream there are of course smooth waters and rough waters. A Flow state allows you to navigate both with ease. Flow comes from – surrender- the ability to surrender control and trust in the Universe.

“You can enter a flow state anytime you’re willing to release your expectations. It requires trust, and the goddess Rhea ensures your boat will never capsize as you move from a slow stream to a rapid river”

Call on this divine Goddess if you are in need of releasing the blocks that stop you from flowing with the Universe. Blockages can happen when you are in fear based state and have desires or expectations that are not met.  Ask for Rhea’s guidance and protection as you release expectations and trust in your connection to the Universe.

“The Goddess Rhea reminds you that when you trust the flow state,  you’ll find an opportunity to flow around a bend you’ve not yet discovered. Her alignment task is for you to let go of the branch and allow yourself to be carried on the river of your life into parts of the river you have not traveled yet”

If you struggle with – FLOW, RELEASE, SURRENDER. I offer the perfect solution – Meditation!

<3 Flow Friends