Card of the Day April 19th 2020 Waning Crescent Moon 9.7% – 2 days until New Moon and the energy reset we all need!

Today’s deck is one of my absolute favourites ( do I say that about every deck?) This deck is; Angels and Ancestors by Kyle Gray and Lily Moses. The interior of the box has a great spell for setting intention when doing divination work like card readings, here is an excerpt; ” I set the intention that whatever is gained from the lessons learned from this tool will be dedicated to the growth of all beings in all places”. I have adopted a similar spell for my own divination work. Please let the lessons learned from any cards or messages be used for the growth of all.

The Peacekeeper, a timely card for going on the 5th week of quarantine! She reminds us that being right is not as important as being happy.  I have found with some self reflection that I have a strong need to control certain situations, especially at home (true Cancer!). And with the need to control comes the need to be right- all the time. ” I told you so” 4 words that bring such power- for about 15 seconds, then hours or days of guilt, regret, anxiety. Moving forward with acceptance brings true power, the ability to let go of the little things. I have been working on this myself, and I can tell  you that letting the little things go leads to more space for happiness and less stress.

Do not waste energy on feelings of resentment, release the need to hold the reins. The Ancient Ancestors that speak through this deck remind you that “there is more power than choosing to move forward in the right direction”. It feels so good to release the annoyances of life, they just take up space in our heads and hearts, leaving less room for happiness and joy. Fighting or arguing based on a need to be right adds toxic energy to your relationships and home. Accept we all have different perspectives and the only validation we need comes from within.

If you are having trouble with releasing those negative thoughts or obsessive details, try a guided meditation, it can help to redirect your thoughts.

“Choose peace and happiness over the need to be right. Rather than trying to prove a point, save your energy for what’s important”.

It is much be better to be happy than right 🙂


One more time, it is much better to be happy than right.