The Rattle


April 10th, 2020 – Waning Moon in Scorpio ( 87%)

This card jumped out of the deck when shuffling, telling me that this was the message for the collective today.

“The Rattle is the Spirit Caller, carrying the Shaman’s prayer to the four directions… The Rattle guides us to pray for all the Earth, not just for our personal needs. When we offer our prayers for the highest good of all, everything we need is provided for us”. 

Beautifully written words from the magickal deck by Collette Baron -Reid, The Mystical Shaman Oracle.

This card is a divine reminder that we are all in this together. In uncertain times, the human experience tends to direct us towards self centered thoughts and actions.  As we have seen unfortunately in recent events with hoarding, not everyone is thinking of the greater good. This can be taxing on sensitive souls.  Right now, more than ever we must shine our light brighter and put forth actions to serve our divine purposes.

For those of us who live in service the best thing we can do in these trying times is just that – service. Offer what you can to people around you even if all you have to offer is a smile. We must show the collective how the  light we have work so hard to uphold, is needed to heal the world – together. If this pandemic has shown us anything, it is how closely we are connected. Just as quick as viruses spread, so can love and kindness.

If you are feeling overwhelmed (Empaths I am talking to you especially) an act of service to others will immediately uplift your own spirit. There are two quick routes to happiness- Gratitude and Service- these two things are always accessible and free! Use them to help with your own healing journey as well as others. Remember;

“When we offer our prayers for the highest good of all, everything we need is provided for us”. An act of service for one is an act of service for all.

In Service and Gratitude ~