Hello beautiful souls! I hope you are all hanging in there during these very strange times. I know how difficult it is for us empaths to be dealing with all the crazy changes and I am here to help you. I have taken some time away to heal myself so I could help with healing for you.
This pandemic is causing us all to reflect back on ourselves and our life choices with no veil and sometimes that can be hard to handle, I have strategies and divine messages to help you through this.
As darkness settles over the world it is more important than ever for light workers and light beings to come together for collective healing!
I am offering Readings and Intuitive Guidance virtually, if you need a full card spread or just a quick message of light please reach out, I am of service anytime I am needed. I am only asking for donations at this time so that anyone who needs help it is available to them.
LOVE and LIGHT to ALL <3 Samantha