Mystic Mermaid

April 11th, 2020 – Waning Moon in Sagittarius 81%

Today’s magickal card comes to you from the deck – “Enchanted Oracle”, the art is gorgeous and I have loved every card I have ever pulled from this deck!

Mystic Mermaid reminds us that there magick in this world everywhere we look and starting right at home, our own bodies! ” Our bodies are more than just containers for souls. They are part of the universe, and just as we honour the sun, the moon, nature, each other and our spirits we shouldn’t neglect our bodies”.

As the messenger for these cards, it is certain that the messages are aligned with my own thinking which is of course connected to all of you! My body and the treatment of my body has been one of the most common trains at my thought station! With the quarantine, I know you are all feeling this too, we are eating more and less active! While I have tackled some daunting recipes I have been thinking of for a while, and proud of them, I am also feeling the indulgence when I put my yoga pants on.

The message of today’s card though its not to focus on the extra pounds but the JOY of getting there. Not to say that you should give up on a healthy lifestyle of course a balance is needed but instead of putting energy into negative thoughts on weight gain – redirect the energy to the joy of what it means. The gratitude of having food to eat, the joy of using my creative skills to feed my loved ones, the accomplishment of making something I once thought to be impossible.

When I am in a loving and appreciative place with my body, I tend to treat it well with exercise, water and healthy foods.  When you love someone it is not hard to show that love and so often we neglect the love we need for ourselves. Love your body because it houses your soul that is divine and perfect. Love your body for the hard work it expends everyday to keep you breathing. Love your body because it beams light.

A great way to show that love is a rose bath! Pamper yourself and give your temple the love it deserves and be the divine Mystic Mermaid you are! Any flower works but I personally use rose and rose petals in all Love Spells. Lavender, Lemon Balm, Hibiscus and or essential oil works great too.

While drawing this bath, here is a ritual I love!

Insert your own Spell/Prayer as needed.

Play some soothing music – I play mediation music with nature sounds from Youtube.

Light 4 candles for North, South, East and West. Also your Fire Element is represented.

Sprinkle salt (Earth Element) into your bath water with the intention of clearing any negative energy or thoughts you may have and to replace those with loving, grateful thoughts such as – I am a Divine Magickal Mermaid.

Add your flowers or oils and another intention – I am LOVE.

Lastly, once in the bath take 10 Deep Breathes, in through the nose and out the mouth ( Air Element ).

Spirit is already there.

Your Water Element is of course the bath itself.

Now enjoy the moment and luxury because you deserve it.