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Full Moon in Pisces Ritual


Full Moon in Pisces Ritual



Join me on Sunday, September 11th at 8 PM for a powerful energy transformation.

The Pisces Full Moon brings a dreamy, mystical, gentle energy. This evening will be a shift of energy and a release of emotions that will allow you to continue your powerful path of creation.

Cosmic energies have been rather intense lately with various world events mirroring the intensity of these effects. We all need a little emotional nurturing and loving energy at this time. We will be using old-world mysticism for this ritual by creating powerful talismans for each participant,

All Ritual Materials will be provided.

Your spot must be reserved in advance to attend this ceremony.  Space is limited.

Cost  $25.

To attend this magickal evening please email,

samantha@witchhealer.com and provide your first and last name.


Blessings and Expansion for all,


Full Moon Ritual and Release

Full Moon Ritual and Release – Aquarius Full Moon in Aquarius.


Join me, this Sunday evening, for a powerful evening of release and rejuvenation.  We have all been carrying such heavy energies for so long. Let’s come together and let Mother Moon help us to release those energies and re-align our heart, mind and soul. The power of a group is intense and will leave you feeling ready to take on the world again!

We need community more than ever right now, and I am honoured to offer a safe space for everyone.


Please email me samantha@withchealer.com to register for this event. The address and instructions will be sent upon registration.

The cost will be by donation.

I have a magickal evening planned and cannot wait to share it with my community!








Flower Super Moon Ritual May 7th 2020

Today is a magickal and powerful Moon! The last Super Moon of 2020, meaning it is the last time this year the Moon will be as close to the Earth. With the Moon so close to us and in Scorpio and in line with the blossoming of the flowers- GROWTH  is in the air! You may be feeling very emotional and sensitive, harness this energy to amp up your psychic abilities!

The Full Moon in Scorpio is all about Evolution and Growth! Out with the old and in with the new! This Moon is named the Flower Moon because it times up with the blossoming of Spring Flowers!

This Super Moon is in a powerful water sign – SCORPIO! Water signs will definitely feel some extra energy to this Moon, I am sure everyone has been feeling it’s effects already! Scorpio is often described as “Intense” and knowing a few Scorpios, I can say this is true! Use this intensity to amplify the wonderful aspects of your life and your psychic abilities as well as forgiving and releasing the less than wonderful aspects!

Part of evolution and progress, is releasing any of those thoughts or feelings that are no longer serving your highest good. It is time to forgive and forget, especially with yourself. Remember that every day is a new day for Evolution and the energy of this Moon is sending you the energy to level up. It is a great time to practice magick and flex your psychic abilities. Release is needed for Growth and that is exactly what the ritual below is for.

Here is a quick and easy ritual to work with the Full Moon!

You will need; Candle, Fire Safe Container, Pen, Paper, Offering of Gratitude

  1. Prepare your Space: this could be as elaborate as you wish or you can just simply use intention to clear the energy of your space. I personally cast a circle, and incorporate each element (Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit) and seal it with a Pentacle.
  2. Start your ritual with a prayer of gratitude – this will put your vibrations where they need to be to  perform magick! You can write a list of all that you are grateful for and burn it as well or keep it for later use! Reflect on all the blessings in your life. A great affirmation is : I am blessed and provided for.
  3. Now it is time to release! Write a list on your paper of all that no longer serves you. It can be individual thoughts/feelings; for example, I release the need to control all aspects of the house ( That one is on my list ! ) or I release the need to find validation from outside sources ( Also on my list) or, I release the need to check social media first thing in the morning! You can also just simply put you release all that no longer serves you. Keep it as detailed or generic as you like.
  4. Burn your release list in your fire safe container – SAFELY- ( can be your candle jar, a pot or pan or a cup of sand anything that is easy and available! ) and watch the smoke go up, with the no longer needed aspects of your life. Focus on FORGIVENESS, for yourself and others. This is a great time to meditate on the release. You can find awesome meditations on Youtube, Calm, Head Space, Insight Timer and many other apps!
  5. You can simply just close your eyes and visualize the things on the list floating by you or you can stare into the flame or the smoke and allow watch the release. The key is to feel it- use your concentration and intention and really feel the release. Feel yourself get lighter and ready for the next phase of life.
  6. When you have completed that- put out your candle or let it burn out safely- dispose of your ashes ( I like flushing them down the toilet for an added measure of disposal! ) or you can keep your ashes and mix them with salt to create Black Salt!
  7. Thank Spirit/God/Universe/Angels – whichever divine beings you connect with- and I always end with drawing a Pentacle over me for protection! ** Note if you have cast a circle for this ritual, make sure to properly close it! **
  8. Moon Gaze, Meditate, Fire or Water Scry, Have Sex, DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD but Harm to None <3

One of my favourite books on working with the Moon and her phases is Moonology by Yasmin Boland, it is a easy to navigate and comprehensive guide to

Moon Magick!

I like to reflect on the things I am releasing and why they no longer serve me and feel what my life will be moving forward! Evolution is LIFE!

<3 Blessed Be and Remember  “It’s Just a Phase ”