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Full Moon in Pisces Ritual


Full Moon in Pisces Ritual



Join me on Sunday, September 11th at 8 PM for a powerful energy transformation.

The Pisces Full Moon brings a dreamy, mystical, gentle energy. This evening will be a shift of energy and a release of emotions that will allow you to continue your powerful path of creation.

Cosmic energies have been rather intense lately with various world events mirroring the intensity of these effects. We all need a little emotional nurturing and loving energy at this time. We will be using old-world mysticism for this ritual by creating powerful talismans for each participant,

All Ritual Materials will be provided.

Your spot must be reserved in advance to attend this ceremony.  Space is limited.

Cost  $25.

To attend this magickal evening please email,

samantha@witchhealer.com and provide your first and last name.


Blessings and Expansion for all,


Full Moon in Aquarius Fire Ritual!

Join me for another magickal evening of ritual with the amazing Full Moon in Aquarius! We are going to be lighting it up with a wicked fire and the release of all emotions that are keeping us from our own internal freedom!

If you are interested in attending this circle please email me at;

samantha@witchhealer.com Details of the event are below!


Blessings to all –