April 12th 2020 Waning Moon in Sagittarius 70.5%


This magickal card comes from one of my very favourite decks – Nature’s Whispers by Angela Hartfield.

I asked Spirit for a message of Hope to share with everyone today and I got it – literally!

Hope and Happiness! How absolutely divine. Today being Easter Sunday, is another reminder that we are away from our loved ones and life as we once knew has changed. Whether you celebrate the Easter holiday or celebrate the Pagan Goddess it is named after, Eostre, Easter is about hope, fertility, rebirth.

I think it is safe to say we are going through a rebirth of sorts. We are in this forced hibernation anxiously awaiting to emerge into the sun rays of Spring and this card bring us the energy of a bountiful spring day. Promising a garden of joyful light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

“You have reached a time filled with healing energy…. Let worries or challenges from the past fade away and focus on the joy that is surrounding you…Celebrate and enjoy life”.

Are you enjoying life? If the answer is YES – Celebrate that! If the answer is No- why not? What is holding back that joy? You can also celebrate if the answer is No, because that means joy is to come! Throughout the most difficult times in my life I have survived off living life very much in the present. Which means each moment passes good or bad. Celebrate the good, release the bad. When you have felt the vibration of living in celebration and gratitude, you will know how to get back there. Which means that even when days are dark, there is is always light around the corner.

Hope and Happiness- such beautiful words.

Repeat these words back to yourself a mantra and feel your heart lighten and your smile spread.

Happy Easter