Card of the Day May 6th 2020, Flower Super Moon Eve in Scorpio

Wide Open is the perfect card right in tune with yesterday’s message of using your talents and gifts. Wide Open comes form the Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron – Reid, and the energy of this card is perfect for the Full Super Moon- Release which equals Freedom!

“You are free to express your uniqueness to the world and share in all the bounty of life’s endless possibilities… the Wide Open card is a signal that you’re able to truly manifest your dreams and that your goals in sight… the Universe is supportive of new ideas and approaches at this time, so speak up and speak out!”

The two best feelings in life are Freedom and Love! This card is the sign you are waiting for to let go of what is no longer serving you and reach your full potential. The world is changing and that leaves opportunity for unique gifts and heart centered people to thrive! Do not be held back by fears or ego, it is time to move onto the next level of life! Open yours arms and fly it is Wide Open.