Card of The Day April 17th 2020 Waning Crescent Moon 23% in Pisces

The magickal dragonfly! This enchanting card comes from the deck “Animal Whispers Oracle Empowerment Cards”.  What better way to receive divine messages than through the beloved animal kingdom!

The Dragonfly encourages us to reach for the light! “Fly higher towards the light and you will reach the stars. Spread your wings- don’t dally with uncertainty and self doubt with your wings yet unfurled… This is a time of new beginnings – great change is coming where we create our own realities”.

Self doubt, guilt, low self worth – These are all feelings I think we can all relate too. During this peculiar time where the world seems to be on pause, it can be hard to keep our spirits up. When our routines change and our productivity is effected- we can start feeling down on ourselves The Dragonfly comes to us today to remind us to strip away illusion! Don’t get “boxed in” your own head. Let the Dragonfly free you and show you to the light! You are the co creator of your reality – How powerful does that sound!  This unique period in time is allowing us to self reflect- be mindful of your thoughts and what you are saying to yourself.

The world now, more than ever, needs your light! Let it SHINE


Shine On