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Happy Birthday to me!

This Cancerian celebrated her 38th day on planet Earth this weekend! A few times! It was full of magick, love and laughs. I am beyond grateful for my life and all the lessons I have learned this past year. Sorry I have missed out on a few cards this week but check back tomorrow for “Card of the Day ” post!

A quick glimpse of the fun I had this weekend!


<3 Samantha


MIA – in the Mountains!

Hello lovely souls! I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been away for a few days. We took a last minute trip to visit my In-Laws, as my Father in Law, has not been well. My honey and I drove 12 hours through the Rocky Mountains and what a wonderful road trip it was! Blue skies, baby animals, Mountains and almost no other cars.

The healing energy of the mountains is just what our souls needed during these crazy times. Mountains are my favourite reminder of how insignificant our little human worlds are. All the anxieties and stress of the human experience are unnecessary, does the Mountain stress about the avalanche? They just exist. There is no better time for us to learn from them.

Mountains are awe inspiring, breath taking and majestic. Sculpted by Mother Nature over thousands of years they appear to be a direct climb into the Heavens.  A Divine Stairway. Mountains give us physical and spiritual reminders of the miracles of Nature.  Mountains are Ascendance and the peak of the Mountain is absolute consciousness. Having climbed and stood atop some fairly large mountains, I can attest to this! They are the perfect metaphor for life.

Mountains have played an integral role in Spirituality since the beginning of time. Mountains are a place to experience the Divine and offer Spiritual Ascent. Every religious pantheon has significant references to Mountains from the Quran to the Bible and everything in between. Ancient cultures revered them as Gods, and its no wonder why. Mountains have always been the stage for Miracles. They still are.

I am so blessed to live just a few hours away from one of the worlds most amazing Mountain ranges,The Rocky Mountains.  There is no better way to rejuvenate your soul then spending time with one of Nature’s great gift to us – Mountains.


Love this pic! I caught a beautiful Hawk flying past the Mountain Range.

I am unable to pull my Card of the Day for a few days until I return home but I am available via email samantha@witchhealer.com


Sending you all the divine energy of the Mountain God <3